French Words For Christmas

christmas vocab

It seems I have abandoned my regular dictionary-checking posts in favour of seasonal specials. But the last two were quite popular so here is one more. This time it is, of course, Christmas vocab.

Christmas is celebrated slightly differently in France. Personally I am drawn to the tacky, sparkly Christmas decorations we use everywhere in the UK. It’s a bit more of a sophisticated affair in Paris.

Here are a few words you might need over the festive season.

Christmas – Noël

Christmas card – une carte de voeux

Christmas dinner – le repas de Noël

Christmas Eve – la veille de Noël

Christmas hymn – une cantique de Noël

Christmas song – une chanson de Noël

Christmas stocking – un soulier de Noël

Christmas tree – un arbre de Noël / un sapin

Gift / present – un cadeau

To give – offrir

Merry Christmas! – Joyeux Noël

Midnight Mass – la messe de minuit

Nativity scene – une crèche

Santa Claus – Père Noël

Yule log – une bûche


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2 responses to “French Words For Christmas

  1. Great list! I have always heard Christmas Eve referred to as le réveillon de Noel, just as New Year’s Eve is called le réveillon du jour de l’an.

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