French Words For Thanksgiving

thanksgiving vocab

There are many Americans living in Paris, including some of my closest friends. Every year in November there begins an expat hunt for sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and other such stateside treats. The city has a few American grocery stores but, if you’re searching for what you need in a French supermarket, here is a little bit of Thanksgiving-related vocab to help you out.

Apple pie – la tarte aux pommes

Bread – le pain

Corn – le maïs

Corn on the cob – l’épi de maïs

Cranberries – les canneberges, les airelles

Grateful/Thankful – reconnaissant(e)

Gravy – la sauce au jus de viande

Mashed potatoes – la purée

Pumpkin – la citrouille / le potiron

Pumpkin pie – la tarte à la citrouille

Stuffing – la farce

Sweet potato – la patate douce

Turkey – la dinde

Yam – un igname

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