French Words I Have Learned This Week – 22/08/2015

photo 2

There was quite an array of vocab in my dictionary-check notebook when I looked at it this morning – I’ve got everything from terrorist attacks to circus skills. These are my favourite new words that I learned recently:

Scier v – to saw (metal/wood etc.)

Sciure (de bois) nf – sawdust

Trempette nf – Dip (swimming). (eg. Faire trempette = have a quick dip)

Vérin nm – jack (eg. Monté sur vérin = raised on a jack)

Plastiquer v – to blow up, to carry out a bomb attack on

Plastiqueur nm – terrorist (planting a bomb)

Jérémiades nfpl – moaning, whining

Cousinade nf– a wide family gathering including cousins, distant relatives

Funambule nmf – tightrope walker

Opiniâtre adj – stubborn, obstinate, persistent, unrelenting

aug vocab

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