French Words I Learned This Week – 25/07/2015


With everything going on at the moment – the book, the day job, the new commitment to weekly blogging (which happens more in my mind than it does on my blog!), it’s been hard to find as much time to read for leisure as I did before. I’m still doing a lot of reading for research though and need my trusty dictionary handy on my writing desk. Here are some of my favourite words that I checked recently.

Renâcler v – to grumble, to balk

Se scinder v – to split up, to divide

Tressaillir v – to shiver, to shudder (fear), to quiver (joy)

Vanner v – to wear out, to tire out

Vanné adj – worn out, knackered (informal)

Infichu / infichue adj – incapable

Gravats nmpl – rubble (eg. from demolished building)

Fange nf – mire, marsh

Courbature nf – ache

Hurluberlu nm – crank, eccentric, extravagant person

july vocab

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