French Words I Learned This Week – 27/06/2015

photo 3

It feels like summer has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier about it. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting outside a café, reading, writing, eating… Ah, June, you are a lovely month.

Anyway, here is a selection of (not-so-summery) dictionary-checks from the last week or so. Hope they’re useful to someone out there!

Barcasse nf – boat

Salutiste nm nf – Salvationist

Trogne nf – face, mug (informal)

Sanguinolent adj – bloody, bloodstained, oozing blood

Fondrière nf – rut, pothole

Jaser v – to chatter, prattle, chat away (person), to twitter (bird), to babble, to sing (brook/stream)

Pèlerine nf – cape

Remmailler v – to darn, mend

Rammailleuse nf – darner

Scarlatine nf – scarlet fever

june vocab

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