French Words I Learned This Week – 23/05/2015

photo 1

The day job has been a bit less exhausting this month so I’ve had more time for reading in the evenings. This naturally means more dictionary look-ups than last time so hopefully these words will be good’uns…

Baragouin nm – gibberish

Scabreux / scabreuse adj – 1. Improper (subject). 2. Risky.

Tristounet / tristounette adj – depressing, gloomy.

Forban nm – 1. Pirate (historic). 2. Shark, crook (figurative).

Lambiner v – to dawdle

Rejeton nm – 1. Offspring (child, descendant). 2. Offshoot (botany)

Remugle nm – mustiness, fustiness

Valoche nf – bag, suitcase (informal)

Plantoir nm – dibber, dibble

I particularly like it when I learn a new word in both French and English. I mean, WTF is a dibble…?

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