French Words I Learned This Week – 25/04/2015

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It’s been a crazy busy month in the day job so I haven’t had too much time for writing/reading but these are some of the words that made it into my dictionary-check notes over the last week or so.

Croque-mitaine nm – bogey-man

Bellâtre nm – dandy

Amortisseur nm – shock absorber

Cravacher v – to whip

Loi du talion nf – an eye for an eye

Sénevé nm – 1. Mustard (botanic). 2. Mustard seed (grain).

Pelisse nf – fur-lined cloak

Minois nm – little face (e.g. look at his little face)

Sottisier nm – 1. Collection of howlers (book). 2. Collection of out-takes (Radio/TV)

Inopinément adv – unexpectedly

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3 responses to “French Words I Learned This Week – 25/04/2015

  1. I learnt french in school but ever since I started learning hungarian (because of my wife) my brain is replacing and mixing french with hungarian. I should learn even more languages and see what happens.

      • Well, this language has little to do with any other European language, it’s very different in terms of grammar and the logic itself of how you tell someone information.

        But in terms of sounds it is very similar to my brain, they have all those strange sounds like in “ouef” “renault” “c’est” and for them it’s very important if you say “e” or “é”.

        And then they tell me french sounds strange…

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