French Words I Learned This Week – 28/03/2015


Oh there have been some really fun new words in my dictionary-check notebook recently. I’m sure I have learned and forgotten some of these in the past and there were definitely a couple that I remembered as soon as I checked them. Here they are:

Anse de panier nf – basket handle arch (architectural)

Mistigri nm – malkin (cat)

Mitard nm – solitary (confinement) eg. Il a fait 15 jours de mitard – he did 2 weeks of solitary.

Chiader v – to cram, to swot up (for an exam)

Crapoteux/crapoteuse adj – murky, gloomy (place). Grimy (person).

Nippes nfpl – togs (informal word for clothes)

Essorer v – 1. To wring/wring out (twisting fabric). 2. To spin-dry (in a machine). 3. To spin (salad). 4. To shake dry.

Désuet(e) adj – outmoded

Vadrouiller v – to wander, to walk without a destination

march vocab

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