French Words I Learned This Week – 17/01/2015


The reason I’m still posting these vocab updates is that it’s really helping me to remember the words. I don’t know if it’s of any use to anyone else but hopefully there will be a few words on here that you don’t know. Recently I’ve been reading a lot about architecture so my notebook of looked-up words contains lots of metals and woods – I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum here. Anyway, these are my favourite French words that I have dictionary-checked recently.

Vocable nm – 1. term (word) 2. Dedicated church (eg. Église sous le vocable de saint Pierre – church dedicated to Saint Peter)

Bolide nm – meteor, racing car

Bleu(s) de travail nmpl – overalls

Maroufler v – to mount

Tympan nm – eardrum

Grès nm – stoneware OR sandstone

Immuable adj – unchanging, immutable, perpetual

Chantourner v – to jigsaw

Défricher v – to clear (forest/land)

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7 responses to “French Words I Learned This Week – 17/01/2015

  1. I could do with all these! I’ve been living in France for ten years and I’m still pretty hopeless with the language. Speaking isn’t too bad but understanding doesn’t seem to improve much. I keep trying though!

      • Andrew what books have you written? I live on a diet of crime fiction and one of my favourite authors is Martin O’Brien. All his novels are set in France. Do you have anything for sale on Amazon?

      • Hi Jude. I’ve written a crime/conspiracy novel set in Paris that is with a few agents at the moment and not on amazon – I’m trying the traditional publishing route before I go it alone! 🙂 Am happy to send you a copy if you’d like to read it. Have a group of about 20 test-readers and am always delighted to get fresh feedback. Suppose it would be more accurate to describe myself as ‘aspiring’ writer although I have written it so am never quite sure what the status should be! My blog was originally intended to be about my writing and trying to get published but has ended up veering more towards the interesting stuff I find out while I’m doing research about the city.

    • These are ones that I didn’t know. Do a lot of reading and keep track of everything I have to look up – that’s where these ones come from. Think I’m getting there! My comprehension is still definitely stronger than my recall though

  2. The very very best of luck Andrew in going the traditional route. I’ve written a couple of books, one ten years ago which I can only describe as a true romantic adventure, and then a fantasy novel. I tried for ages to get a publisher, banging of sample chapters and synopsis for months. I had the same problem trying to get an agent. In the end I decided that I was spending more time chasing agents and publishers than I was writing (which is what I love doing) and I got fed up. I decided to go the Amazon Kindle route but of course then you need to do loads of networking on social media to get your books out there. Not something I’m good at.
    Blogging has become a fun way to write and no expectations, but I still have 11,000 words of my sequel fantasy novel sitting in a drawer and I ponder on finishing it. I suppose I could consider myself a writer because I have written a book and sold a few copies, but I tend to think of a ‘real’ writer as someone who lives on the proceeds of their work. I live on a pension! Funny how we see ourselves!
    I’d love to read your novel but I have to say I’m not very good at analyzing books. I could tell you if I enjoyed it, if I found it gripping, or too slow etc.
    I’ve just started reading The Farm by Tom Rob Smith. Favourite authors would be Jo Nebo, Steig Larson, and Martin O’Brien – to give you an idea of the style I enjoy.
    If you’d like to send me a book drop me an email and I can send you my address. 🙂

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