The Best Tarte Tatin In Paris

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Where oh where is the best tarte tatin in Paris? Every time I go, I eat a different tarte tatin and have a list of my favourite destinations for it but I wonder if I’m missing something amazing.

So, this post is really to ask you, dear readers and fellow patisserie consumers, where might I find the very best tarte tatin in the city?

I have to say, I’m not fussy about the type of business selling it – could be a café, a restaurant, a bakery… What I need is a delicious layer of golden caramelised apples (none of this pear tatin madness – I’m a tatin traditionalist) and a crispy buttery pastry base. Preferably served hot with some nice vanilla ice cream but that’s a bonus. It’s all about the tarte.

My current three faves (in no particular order) are:

  • Le Centenaire – Boulevard de la Tour Maubourg
  • Le Bosquet – Avenue Bosquet
  • Ladurée

Fellow blogger, necessities123 has recommended Le Passy which I am planning on trying out next weekend. But where else is there?

If you’ve had one that you’ve really enjoyed, can you let me know in the comments so that I can add it to my list…

Thanking you most hungrily. Andrew James

The tarte tatin at le Centenaire

The tarte tatin at le Centenaire

19 responses to “The Best Tarte Tatin In Paris

    • Hi Julie. Just to say, I didn’t forget your recommendation but I went to the Deux Abbeilles on Sunday without checking first and it’s not open on Sundays! Kicked myself for not investigating the opening hours. I’m going to do better forward planning in Feb and head down there on a Saturday instead. I WILL eat the famed tarte from your blog 🙂

  1. Surprisingly, i havent tasted too many tarte tatins since arriving in Paris… That may be the only pastry i haven’t induldged in!

    I will work on searching for some good ones to share with you!

  2. I definitely agree for Laduree and Le Bosquet! I haven’t been to Le Centenaire. When I go to Laduree, my first choice is (almost) always the famous Ispahan! Back to the 16th, at Prunier, Av. V. Hugo, they have very good Tarte Tatin, crème aigre. I don’t know if they serve it at Place Madeleine? Anyway, it is a very nice way to finish the meal after a nice salad or some fish at Prunier… from time to time.

    • Ahh I love the Ispahan too. How do they make them so nice?! Super, thanks for the Prunier recommendation too. You are shaping my next few trips to Paris with your suggestions! Can’t wait. Thanks again

      • Well, your blog is inspiring! Don’t forget the famous Mont-Blanc – the signature pastry of Angelina, the pastry that makes the reputation of Angelina since 1903, when the maison was founded. Mont-Blanc consists of the lovely Meringue, whipped cream and chestnut cream vermicelli. It matches nicely with their famous hot-chocolate! Enjoy!

      • I sense I’m going to need to hit the gym when I get back from my next visit… Haha. I’ve never had the Mont-Blanc at Angelina’s but now I want one. So much eating and such little time!

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