French words I learned this week – 22/11/2014

photo 2

This seems to be turning into more of a monthly strand to the blog, rather than a weekly one. Also, I think it’s probably more interesting for me than anyone else because I’m really only writing these vocab posts to help engrain the new words in my brain – seems to be working so far too.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. Here are my top ten dictionary look-ups from the last couple of weeks.

hérisson nm – hedgehog

rauque (voix) a – hoarse (voice)

marécage nm – swamp / marsh

marécageux a OR marécageuse a – swampy / marshy

jante (de roue) nf – rim (of wheel)

touffe (de cheveux, d’herbe) nf – tuft (of hair, of grass)

touffe (de plantes) nf – cluster (of plants)

charnière nf – hinge

mansarde nf – attic

talus nm – slope / embankment


I was so pissed off with myself for hedgehog and tuft but we can’t remember everything all the time, can we?


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