French words I have learned this week – 20/09/2014

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So, another spell of research and reading has led to loads and loads of word-checks. Here are my 10 faves this week:

fouineur nm OR fouineuse nf – nosey parker

marelle nf – hopscotch

selle (de cheval) nf – saddle (of horse)

seller vt – to saddle (a horse)

plouf nm – splash

lopin (de terre) nm – plot (of land)

cantonnier nm – road mender

rébarbatif / rébarbative a – forbidding or off-putting

vautour nm – vulture

fusain nm – charcoal

If anyone fancies having a crack at fitting all ten into a sentence in the comments, feel free… Your prize will be admiration from all who pass through here.


5 responses to “French words I have learned this week – 20/09/2014

  1. Un cantonnier rébarbatif et fouineur, dut seller un vautour, avec une selle anglaise, pour voler par-dessus la marelle; il fit plouf dans une flaque d’un lopin de terre, dont il avait le plan dessiné au fusain.
    Voilá. Je crois! 🙂
    Can’t help but wonder how you came across those ten words this week.
    Be good

      • I cheated: it’s much easier being french, which I am. And the trick was to find the subject of the sentence. “Cantonnier” was an obvious choice.
        Be good

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