French words I learned this week – 22/08/2014

photo 1

My favourite 11 French words I’ve dictionary-checked this week are:

limace nf – slug

dévergonder (se) vpr – to fall into dissolute ways

moisson nf – harvest

prunelle nf (de l’oeil) – pupil (of eye)

hautain a – haughty

caracoler v – to prance/caper

puceron nm – greenfly

bambin nm – tiny tot/toddler

évincer vt (concurrent/president etc.) – to oust (a competitor/president etc.)

marguerite nf – daisy

ronces nfpl (branches) – brambles


I have been trying for ages (at least ten minutes) to write a sentence to end this post that incorporates every one of the above words but it is so difficult. The best I can do is:

“During the harvest, a greenfly with just one pupil prances through brambles and daisies like a toddler to try and oust the haughty slug king and force him to fall into dissolute ways.”

What a load of rubbish…

If anyone fancies a go, please write in the comments. I’d love to see your one-sentence attempts to link these all together! Two sentences would be just too easy.

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