City of Names: Isaac Newton

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I’ve previously written this chain of posts about Shakespeare, George Gershwin and Josephine Baker so I thought it was time to mention one of the many scientific international names featured on the map of Paris.

A short walk from the Champs-Elysées in the 16th arrondissement, British physicist and mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton has his own little stretch of French capital: Rue Newton.

His links to Paris are limited – unlike Gershwin and Baker he didn’t live there. However, his work on the laws of motion and universal gravitation led him to be recognised around the world as one of the most influential scientists of all time.

I’m not a scientist. My grasp of universal gravitation is GCSE-level at best and there are scores of academics who can better describe the scientific resonance of his work. What I do understand well though is that on the corner of Rue Newton sits one of my favourite breakfast cafés in Paris, Le Comptoir de l’Arc.

Whether or not you can comprehend Newton’s empiric law of cooling, you might enjoy pondering it further over an omelette nature and a café allongé on the street that bears the name of this scientific great.

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You’ll find Rue Newton between Avenue Marceau and Avenue d’Iéna in the 16th arrondissment.

Rue Newton, 75016

Rue Newton, 75016

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